Monday, December 6, 2010

SMA Launches SMAgency!

SMA started a new program this quarter called SMAgency, and the final presentations for the pilot groups are tomorrow!

What's SMAgency you ask? 
The purpose of SMAgency is to provide students with short, case-study experiences in which small groups work with clients to execute competitive research, brand positioning, creative development of logos and branded materials, discussions of social media or other marketing services. The quarter-long program mimics a typical agency-client interaction including a client-submitted brief, agency-generated statement of work, and three creative cycles involving meetings with the agency and clients.

This quarter there are two student teams and two on-campus clients: UNcorked and the Coach Program. Interestingly, the two projects are quite different, with UNcorked focusing on brand positioning, and the Coach Program looking for a refreshed logo and creative materials.  The program also included a creative training session where a professional trained SMAgency participants how to use three different creative software programs. In addition, SMA also offered an All-Agency day in the form of a corporate tour that visited three local agencies in Rochester. 

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